I sometimes wonder who am I? Why I am doing things, I am doing, am I passionate about it? can I develop a passion for the things that I am not much interested in? …

In this article, we will be discussing some basic things about Discrete mathematics, so let’s start.

The whole article will be more like a conversation between two friends, the article will revolve around two friends Cyra and Rahul.

Cyra is very good at mathematics and logic building. She will ask questions to Rahul and will teach Rahul in the whole article.

Cyra: Rahul, have you solved Rubik’s Cube yet?🤔

Rahul: No, why are you…

(This is going to be my first article on Medium, i will try to make it informative as well as simple.)
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Sagar Alwani

I am a Computer Science Engineer, passionate about Technology, and curious about logic, my hobby is music, I play guitar(not that much, but still..)

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